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Easy-access 1-bedroom apartment II-101
This cozy one-bedroom apartment sits near the foot of Mt. Iimori—Iimoriyama—a few steps from the beautiful Shijonawate Shrine and a 5- to 10-minute walk from the Japan Rail Station. The apartment sleeps one to three people on comfortable futons in a wood-floor bedroom.

Easy-access 1-bedroom apartment II-101

Cozy Spacious 3 Bedroom Condo III101 18
Large families and groups of friends love this spacious three-bedroom apartment. It can sleep up to 10 people in two wood-floor bedrooms (two beds each) and a tatami floor room (three futons). This apartment provides a separate kitchen and sits on the ground floor, creating convenience for groups with substantial amounts of luggage.

Modern & Spacious 3-bedroom Condo III-101

Cozy Comfort 2 Bedroom Apt A 205 06
This comfortable apartment provides lovely views of Iimoriyama—our local mountain—and a garden with trees. It sleeps six in two bedrooms—one with tatami floor (three futons) and one with wood floor (one bed and two futons). Traditional Japanese items decorate the apartment.

Cozy & Comfort 2-bedroom Apartment A-205

Our bright apartments provide you with complete accommodations for a few days, a month or more. Each includes portable wifi you can take on your day trips, air conditioning, heating, washing machine, toiletries, towels, linens and bicycles.

The kitchens come with refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker, IH cook top, pot, kettle, frying pan and eating sets (bowls, plates, spoons, knives, forks, chopsticks). Several very popular supermarkets are within easy walking and bicycling distances.

All apartments have a comfortable bathing area with shower and deep tub.