Activities in Shijonawate

Explore Your Osaka Hometown

If you want to experience everyday Japanese culture, consider spending some time in Shijonawate, soaking in your Kansai hometown. You may be surprised!

Almost 60,000 people call Shijonawate home. Many live, work, learn, shop, find entertainment and relax here.

Please come along as we show you some things to do. Click on the map at the bottom of this page for more details and locations.

Shijonawate Mirokuji Temple Snow


Mt. Iimori—Iimoriyama—in the center of our city protects a beautiful Meiji-era shrine honoring 25 samurai who died in battle, plus a woman who lived. Across town, a giant camphor tree shades 24 samurai graves, minus the one whose teeth would not let go. Walk our streets. Visit our museum.

Karaoke With Friends In Shijonawate


Japanese people love singing and they do it together in sound rooms. At karaoke houses, they gather around tables—eating, drinking and singing—for fun and relaxation. Everyone sings. Everyone has fun. You can too—in Japanese and other languages. No one gets embarrassed. Enjoy!

Back Of Girl In Kimono And Umbrella Shijonawate


Want a good deal on a Japanese-made kimono? You can find the best deals on authentic kimonos, yukatas and lounging kimonos at small dry-good shops along our streets. One owner uses an abacus to total your purchases. Another serves green tea and rice cakes. Go authentic! Go Japanese! Go kimono!

Traditional Japanese Dance In Shijonawate


Dancing and festivals often go together. In Shijonawate you can watch and try traditional Japanese dance. Some tell stories. Others celebrate life. Traditional Japanese dancing is an art form equivalent in skills to those of martial arts masters and theater professionals. Tell us if you want to try.

Onsen Hot Spring

Hot Springs

Wound up? You can relax like a rope in a Japanese onsen. Here you soak away your tension in hot spring baths. Dry saunas open your pores for health. Ice rooms close them. Men and women use separate facilities. Shy? You soon let it go. This is Japanese stress management at its best.

Hori-san House 1

Hiking, barbecue and…

Outdoors and indoors, Shijonawate works to please you in any season. Hiking trails and child-safe playgrounds shield you from urban hubbub. Japanese barbecue at a traditional farm house delights your taste buds. Our world-famous Santa-san greets you all year. For more things to do—indoors and out—just ask.

What Else? Just Ask!

Want to do and learn more? We can help!

Would you enjoy a tea ceremony—fully explained—and learn to do it yourself? Can you imagine a day in a kimono—at a traditional house or while exploring Kyoto or Nara? Does learning to speak, write and read some Japanese interest you? How about Japanese cooking or calligraphy lessons? Or studying ikebana—the art of Japanese flower arranging? Would you enjoy a professionally-guided tour of anywhere in Kansai or beyond?

Tell us what you want to do. We can likely make it happen.

Calendar of events

Shijonawate never closes down. It blossoms in spring, grows green in summer, paints colors in fall and warms your heart in winter. You can immerse in Shijonawate Japanese culture all year long.

Plan your next trip :

  • New year celebrations: From December 30 to January 3
  • Cherry blossoms: Sakura! Typically from March 20 to April 7
  • Shijonawate summer festival: July – Exact dates to be announced.
  • Obon dance festival:  Throughout late July and all of August.
  • Shijonawate fall festival: October – Exact dates to be announced.
  • Maple red leaves: Momiji! Typically from November 20 to December 5.

Map of activities in Shijonawate

Just click a point on the map for more details about each location.

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