Rental Terms

Rental terms


Booking is conducted on, our channel management website.
The price displayed is the standard fare. The booking is secured through a deposit of 100% of the standard fare. You will be asked to enter valid credit information (Visa or MasterCard) at the end of the booking process.
A discount of 15% for stays longer than a week will be applied to the standard fare. If you stay 30 days of more, a discount of 30% will be applied to the standard fare.
There is an additional cleaning fee of 30$ per stay.
Therefore, the total price is calculated as such: standard fare – discount for long stay + cleaning fee.
The difference between the amount paid at booking and the total price will be settled in cash upon arrival at the apartment.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel earlier than 7 full days before check-in, you will be billed 50% of the total rental price, minus the cleaning fee. For example, if check-in is on Friday, cancel by Friday of the previous week before 3 PM Japan Time. If you cancel later than 7 days in advance, but earlier than 3 days in advance, you will be billed 75% of the total rental price, minus the cleaning fee.
If you cancel later than 3 days in advance, you will be billed 100% of the total rental price, minus the cleaning fee.
If you arrive and decide to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

Self check-in

You can arrive at any time. The keys to the apartments are located in a key box. One week before your arrival, we will send you the instructions explaining how to retrieve the keys from the key box.

House Rules

  1. Non-Smoking Rooms ONLY.
    • You are not permitted to smoke in any rooms.
    • Please go outside to smoke. NEVER leave your tobacco ashes in public areas. DO NOT throw cigarette or cigar butts or pipes ashes on the ground. Bring your own portable ashtray.
    • If you violate this rule, you will pay a penalty of $50 depending on the case.
  2. Do not leave the electricity on when you go out
    • When you leave your apartment, please switch off all electric lights, products and equipment.
    • If you violate this rule, you may be charged $20 per night depending on the case.
  3. Stop the water when you do not need it
    • Please stop running water when it is not necessary.
    • If the water bill is too high, you will be charged an additional cost after the water bill arrives.
  4. Do not damage any facility belongings
    • If you damage any decor, furniture, floor, equipment or other tangible products in the facility, you will be requested to compensate.
  5. Use the facility with respect and decency
    • In the case of violations, you will be requested to compensate for the damages you caused, plus more to cover expenses.
  6. Hospital
    If you are sick and need to see a doctor, please do not hesitate to contact Ichiro, Nam or a staff member. We will assist you to a clinic or hospital.

  7. Quiet Residential Area
    Our neighborhood is the quiet residential area. Please remember you are also one of residents. Please behave and conduct yourself as if you are part of the neighborhood, because you are.

  8. Cleaning rooms
    After you check out, we will clean the room from 12:00(noon)-15:00.
    Please remember that we will start cleaning at checkout time.

  9. Free Parking
    Outside parking lots are available. Park your car as instructed.
    We will not be responsible for accidents, theft, robbery or other property loss occurring in the parking lot.
    Some types of large vehicles may not be able to use the parking lot. Confirm with us beforehand if you drive a large vehicle.

House Regulation

  1. Please refrain from an action which causes disturbance and annoyance, such as loud noise, singing loudly, etc.

  2. Please no not bring in the items below to avoid disturbing other guests and residents:

  • Pets and animals of any kind.
  • Flammable or ignitable goods us gunpowder or flammable oils.
  • Goods which produce foul odors.
  • Huge amounts (insanely large quantities) of products and goods.
  • Guns, swords, illegal drugs, the latter including recreational drugs which are prohibited to possess or use.
  1. Please make sure to lock your room when you are away. Please use the swing-bar door guard or chain lock while you are sleeping. If you have a visitor arrive, please verify their identity through the door scope or check with the door partially open and the door guard or chain lock in place.

  2. Please avoid meeting with a unknown visitor in a guest room. Let the use know and obtain permission if it is necessary.

  3. Please do not use a guest room for any purpose other than lodging.

  4. Please store your cash and valuable items safely. In the case of loss, theft or burglary, we will not be responsible for the loss.

  5. We cannot be held responsible for forgotten baggage or belongings left in the apartment. As a courtesy to our guests, in the case we find some, we will keep the item or items for a month. During that period, we can arrange for the item to be sent back to you, inside Japan exclusively. After one month, any forgotten items will be entrusted to the police. If you believe you have left an item, please contact us.

  6. Please refrain from using equipments and goods in the accommodation for the purposes other than original intent.

  7. Please refrain from distributing advertising and selling goods to other guests.

  8. Please refrain from gambling or an activities which corrupt public morals and cause annoyance to other guests and residents.

  9. Please follow the rules regarding use of facilities and equipments in the room.

  • Please do not use them for the purpose other than original intent.
  • Please do not take them out.
  • Please do not transfer and process them.
  1. In the case when you cause defacement, damage and loss of goods, equipments and facilities in the room, we may demand compensation.

  2. Please refrain from hanging goods which impairs appearance of the building on a window or on the balcony.

  3. Payment of bills is due on request.

  4. The use photos from inside the facilities for business purpose without permission could result in legal action.