Sightseeing in Kansai

Sighting in Kansai from Your Home in Shijonawate

Sightseeing in Kansai becomes easy and affordable when you start each day from your apartment home in Shijonawate.

Shijonawate City sits near the geographic center of Kansai.

Shijonawate Station makes touring Kansai as easy as boarding a train.

Just click on any point on the Kansai map. Then…
Travel to Nara where Japanese culture began.
Journey into the Kii Peninsula where Japan developed its spiritual heart.
Turn toward Osaka the relaxed, high-energy center of Kansai.
Venture out to the beauty of Ise, the ninjas and poems of Iga Ueno, the pristine castle of Hikone and the cultural diversity of Kobe.
Gently arrive in Kyoto—one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Stretch beyond Kansai to the sand dunes of Tottori or the flowers of Fukuyama.

Just click a point on the map. Go. Enjoy. Then…
Return to Shijonawate, your Kansai home.

Calendar of events

Kansai is a place beauty all year long.
Find it in people.
See it in festivals.
Enjoy it in nature.

Nature decorates Kansai in every season.
Blossoms in spring.
Green—very green—in summer.
Multi-colors in fall.
Snow up north—occasionally down south—in winter.

Enjoy Kansai anytime.

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