Daruma Japanese Tumbling Doll
Daruma—the tumbling dolls of Japan—bring good luck to your goals. Round in shape—and without arms or legs—a daruma tips over, rocks to-and-fro, nose-dives, snaps back and always lands upright—thereby providing assurance of determination and good fortune. Good Luck and Goals Japanese people typically purchase daruma around the turn of the […]

Gaining Good Luck with Daruma Dolls

Tottori Shan Shan Festival (1)
Tottori City faces the Sea of Japan. Japanese people and some international visitors know Tottori because of its famous Tottori Sand Dunes. The Sand Sculpture Museum adjacent to the sand dunes exhibits sand sculptures created by artist from around the world. Because they are made of sand, the sculpture last […]

Introducing… Tottori

Fukuyama Castle
Fukuyama is a port city on the Seto Inland Sea in southeast Hiroshima Prefecture. It is located between Okayama to the east and Hiroshima to the west, yet maintains its own history and personality. Fukyama is home to many beautiful parks and one of Japan’s most beautiful rebuilt flatland castles. […]

Introducing… Fukuyama