20141227 Himeji Castle 07
Himeji City possesses one of the rare original castles in Japan. It is made of wood. You can tour all of the castle, including the recently reopened main tower. This castle is simply amazing and well worth your travel time. In addition to the castle, Himeji has a modern garden […]

Introducing… Himeji

Nara Park
Nara Park is one of the most popular attractions in Nara City because of its beautiful diversity. In the park you can find temples, shrines, museums and the famous sika deer. Nara City is largely unknown among international visitors. Yet, it is one of the most beautiful and traditional cities […]

Nara Park

Kansai Kobe
Kobe City is city ringed by mountains and Osaka Bay. It is known for its beautiful setting, famous beef, international residents and nightlife. Kobe gained its international residents when it became a seaport following the general opening of Japan to foreign trade during the mid 1800s. Today you can arrive […]

Introducing… Kobe

20140611 hikone castle 01
If you can visit only one castle while in Japan, Hikone Castle should make your short list of candidates. Constructed during the first quarter of the 1600s, Hikone is one of the few original wood castles remaining from the feudal era of Japan. It sits on a hill in Hikone […]

Hikone Castle